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Food For Healthcare Workers at CHI Mercy Hospital

3:58 AM · Aug 28, 2021

Today we have been feeding healthcare workers at CHI Mercy Hospital. Big thank you to Thunders Truck BBQ and Chinese Xiang Cuisine for bringing your trucks onsite! Also, a big thank you to Tino's Taco Truck for providing a very large order of burritos and tacos at a moment's notice today! When Tino's found out the order was going to the hospital, they immediately wanted to donate 100 tacos! Thank you to Ford Family Foundation for sponsoring the food trucks! Huge thank you to Douglas Fiber Net for stepping up and sponsoring the Tino's Taco Truck food! Thank you to Pedersen's Insurance Agency for your contribution and Felicia Mellor from Gathering Grounds for all your help transporting food to the hospital! Also big shout out to Aden Bliss for helping get last-minute burritos as well! Appreciate you all! To everyone over at Mercy, thank you and we appreciate you! ❤️


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