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All 179 Team Members to be Offered Positions After Dillard Plant Closure

11:38 PM · Sep 9, 2021

Roseburg announced on Aug. 25 that it will close its Dillard Particleboard plant within the next 60 days as part of a larger strategic reorganization of the company's western operations. That plan includes a multi-million dollar investment in new technology at its other western plants to update and automate processes and further improve safety for our team members. A total of 179 people currently work at the plant. In an effort to address some of the anxiety and concerns tied to this announced closure, Roseburg leaders met with crew members Sept. 9 to inform them that each would be provided a position opportunity with Roseburg. There are no details available pending the company meeting with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in the next several days to resolve process and related issues. Further communications will occur after the company and union finalize next steps. “We know that our team members were anxious about their future, so wanted to ease that anxiety as best we can at this point,” said Kellye Wise, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Labor. “Our hope is that this messaging provides affected team members with some assurance as we work with the union to create smooth transitions.” Via RFP release

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