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Wildlife Safari Welcomes New African Elephant

7:20 PM · Sep 17, 2021

The 43-year-old, over ten-foot-tall Butch, an African elephant, is the newest animal to call Wildlife Safari home. Joining the park from a facility where he lost his companions, it was decided that Wildlife Safari’s herd of elephants would be the perfect pals for this patient pachyderm. “Butch joined the herd on the morning of Tuesday, August 31st and is settling in nicely,” Dan Brands, the park’s General Curator said. “He loves watermelon and celery,” explained the elephant supervisor, “he’s a big, loveable and pensive guy and a bit of a goof. He loves to play in the water and make his own mud wallows.” While encounters are currently limited to other elephants at the park, Butch is currently out and about in the elephant’s yards and is viewable from the drive through. “We’re always excited to welcome a new animal to the park,” Dan Van Slyke, Wildlife Safari’s Executive Director told us, “it’s not just an addition to the park and the animal collection, but a larger than life addition to our community.” Via Wildlife Safari