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Community Members Sought For RHS Virtual Career Presentation

7:59 PM · Sep 21, 2021

Roseburg High School is seeking community members interested in sharing their career experiences with freshmen at an Oct. 13 virtual event. The online career presentation for 9th-graders will be held from 8 to 9 a.m. Oct. 13 and is intended to help students discover potential job opportunities and prepare for life after high school. The school hopes to invite about 40 to 50 community members to present to classrooms via Zoom. Individual presentations will take about 20 minutes. A list of talking points will be provided to participants, and will include topics such as career history, job responsibilities, training and education requirements, average salaries, and long- term outlooks. The school plans to present a wide range of careers to students. “We know how important it is for freshmen to remain on track for graduation, and our goal is to provide inspiration and motivation for students to keep their focus on finding success after high school,” said Brad Bogardus, RHS assistant principal.  Those interested in participating can contact Bogardus at or (541) 440-4142. Via RHS release

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