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Big Weather Changes Coming This Week

11:04 PM ยท Oct 4, 2021

High temperatures will drop 15 degrees between Monday and Tuesday and there is now several days of rain coming up in the forecast! Here is the latest from the NWS in Medford: "Big changes are in store this week! Today (Monday) will be the last 80+ high temperature for a while here in Medford and likely across a good portion of the forecast area. Much cooler temperatures are expected. Along with the cooler air mass, there will be some precipitation at times, though probably nothing overly wet. What this also means is there is going to be the possibility of frost in some of the typical colder valleys of west side, which is just about climatology for this time of year. Odds also favor maintaining this cooler and wetter pattern as we head into this weekend and next week. The Climate Prediction Center forecast shows significantly higher probability for below average temperatures and also above average precipitation. This is good news with much of the area gripped by a more than 2 year drought, but it would take many, many more storms to alleviate that. For more details, please check out the point and click forecasts for your specific area or location." Here is the full forecast discussion: