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Kruse Farms Announces Retirement of Two of the Owners, Market To Be Sold

11:03 PM · Nov 3, 2021

In an announcement Wednesday afternoon, Kruse Farms announced the retirement of two of the owners of Kruse Farms, Jeff and Karen Kruse Corpron. Also, Kruse Farms Market, which opened 27 years ago, is set to be put up for sale in the coming weeks along with the acreage below the market. (approx 98 acres) Both Jeff and Karen started working on the farm before they were 10 years old, even driving tractors for the canteloupe pickers. Karen and Jeff both had periods of life working out of the area. Karen worked in the corporate world for 30 years before returning in 2008 to help manage the market. Here is the full statement from Kruse Farms, posted online Wednesday afternoon. "We are announcing the retirement of two of the owners of Kruse Farms, Jeff Kruse and Karen Kruse Corpron at the end of the 2021 season. In order to find a future for the farm market on Melrose Road, we are offering the market up to new owners. We hope to find new owners who will continue to serve Roseburg as we have for the past three decades. The remaining owner, Evan Kruse, plans to continue a scaled back operation on the original farm land that his great-grandfather first farmed nearly 100 years ago on Quail Lane. This operations will still include alfalfa and hay for the local community. We are excited about the new opportunities and directions that lie ahead for all of us. We thank Roseburg for continuous support over the past three decades. It has been a pleasure to serve our local customers." The Kruse Farms Market should be open until around January 8th, though no final date will be known until December sometime.

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