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What Are the Conditions of Roseburg Schools

12:58 AM ยท May 1, 2022

Here are several of the areas the proposed 2022 Roseburg School Bond measure is aiming to address. Address Health, Safety & Security Schools in the district lack secure entrances that would allow staff to control and monitor who is accessing a campus or building. Additional safety measures such as intercoms, keyless entry, and perimeter fencing are either non-existent at some schools or are aging and do not meet current safety standards. Approximately 80% of classrooms in the district lack air handling systems that provide temperature control during extreme heat or cold and air filtration during wildfire seasons. Aging Buildings The average age of Roseburg schools is 73 years. Facilities at one elementary school are over 100 years old. Buildings across the district have electrical, heating, and plumbing systems that are inefficient, out-of-date and in some cases so old the district cannot find replacement parts. These same buildings also have windows, siding, lighting, roofing and physical education surfaces that have reached the end of their usable life. Lack of Modern Learning Spaces Facilities across the district lack the infrastructure and capacity to support modern learning standards. Middle and high school spaces for CTE/vocational education are not equipped to handle the modern technology and machinery used in these programs. Classroom spaces at all levels often lack electrical outlets to support the technology devices students use, and classrooms are at capacity. 1926 Old Main Building The Old Main at Roseburg High School was built in 1926. The building does not meet seismic or modern educational standards, and the cost of a remodeling would be equivalent or more than replacement. For more information on the proposed 2022 Roseburg School Bond Measure: Via Roseburg School District Photo of the Old Main