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Old Riverbed Farm Preparing to Open For U-Pick Season

8:12 PM · Jun 15, 2022

Travis and Jennifer Childers always wanted to move their family into the country once their girls got through school. Their desire became reality this past year when the couple purchased James Orchard, a 24-acre farm in Winston from previous owners John and Kathy James. Now the Childers are preparing to open the orchard for u-pick cherries. John and Kathy James lived on and operated the orchard for over 40 years, slowly buying up the parcels that make up the property today. They raised their kids and grandkids on the property. More recently they added a wedding venue to the property before deciding to sell the farm to the Childers. “When we first saw this property we fell in love with it as it was and so we want to carry on with what’s been happening here.” Travis Childers said. The farm is 24 acres and has roughly 250 cherry trees, 360 peach and nectarine trees, 30 apple trees, and a few pear and Asian pear trees. The fruit will soon be available at different farmer’s markets around the area. This winter the Childers plan to plant a few more varieties of nectarines so they will have nectarines throughout the whole summer season and they’re also going to add a couple more varieties of peaches. Travis Childers is an electrician for the Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative and Jennifer is a 1st-grade teacher at Fir Grove. Both plan to continue working their day jobs while also working in the orchard. The couple has five daughters; two in college (Eden and Miriam), two who will be seniors in high school next year (Corinne and Charis), and Claire who will be in second grade at Geneva. There is work on the farm for everyone in the family, especially picking the fruit in the summer. “We do work with the girls here,” Travis said. “It’s work that everyone can do. You can learn it all really quickly. Last summer they worked here picking fruit and this summer they will be much more involved in it with Jennifer.” The farm is set to open U-Pick this year with Bings and Rainer’s on Thursday, June 30th at 5 pm. The hours for U-Pick will be 5-8 pm on Thursday nights and 8-noon on Friday and Saturday mornings. Old River Bed Farm Address: 344 Hooten Rd, Winston, OR 97496 Phone: (541)784-8528 Email: Facebook page: Old River Bed Event Venue Address: 344 Hooten Rd, Winston, OR 97496 Phone: (541)784-8528 Email: Facebook page: