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Generators to be Allowed in Douglas District During Power Shutoffs

8:41 PM · Sep 9, 2022

The use of fuel powered generators will be allowed in the Douglas District as long as requirements are met. Here’s the fall release from DFPA. “Attention Citizens of Douglas County, Effective 09/09/2022, the District Fire Warden has waived the restrictions placed on the use of fuel-powered generator(s) for residents effected by PLANNED PUBLIC SAFETY POWER SHUT-OFFS and/or the occurrence of an EMERGENCY POWER OUTAGE(S) within all lands protected by the Douglas Forest Protective Association and all forestland within one-eight mile thereof. The use of fuel-powered generator(s) must meet the following requirements: Factory exhaust must be in good repair. The generator AND area of exhaust discharge MUST be placed in an area free of flammable materials, including wooden decks, and preferred to be placed on a concrete slab, asphalt driveway or graveled area. Each generator must be accompanied with a shovel and a 2 ½ pound or larger ABC fire extinguisher. Use due care and caution when refueling. This waiver does not relieve the owner or operator from the fire liability or from the responsibility for complying with all other applicable fire prevention requirements. Patrick Skrip, District Manager Douglas Forest Protective Association September 09, 2022