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Roseburg High School Students Prepare For Spring Plant Sale

9:33 PM · Jan 25, 2023

Trimming stems, harvesting leaves, repotting, weeding and transporting are all part of the succulent regeneration process. Propagated from parent plants, these baby succulents are getting ready for the Spring Plant Sale. 🌱 Roseburg High School students of Cailey Powell's agriculture and science class learn about growing and harvesting crops, raising animals or livestock, and providing resources for the world population. They focus on understanding plant, soil and animal sciences, such as understanding where food comes from and how it’s produced. “My favorite part of this class is being able to do so many hands-on experiences,” said senior Makaela Carter. “Today, we are working in the green house and earlier this year we were able to do dissections on animal uterine tracks. It’s really cool getting to perform the activities that we’re learning about.” Powell teaches students about how agriculture provides the food and raw materials that humans need to survive. The field also helps create many career options such as veterinarians, foresters, geneticists, nutritionists, farmers, teachers, and many others. “Agriculture education is essential to teach others the importance of agriculture and understand what agriculture looks like historically, currently, and into the future,” Powell said. Students who enroll in agricultural science have the opportunity to join FFA (formally known as Future Farmers of America). FFA gives students the key elements to achieve their personal and professional goals by helping them develop premier leadership skills, promote personal growth, and support career success. The plant sale will be happening in April but exact dates have not been set yet. Via Roseburg Public Schools

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