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UCC & Roseburg Schools to Enhance Job-Training with New Joint Position

10:05 PM · Apr 28, 2023

Umpqua Community College and Roseburg School District are excited to announce plans to align job-training programs for students through a new joint staff position. The P-20 Pathways innovator will ensure that educational programs’ pathways, especially those in technical trades, manufacturing and healthcare fields are clear, and that there is a seamless transition from high school to college to a high-skill, high-wage job. The position will be jointly paid for, 50% by the college, and 50% by the school district, using resources most efficiently and creating greater collaboration between the two institutions. “Our goal is to create a system that sets students on clear educational pathways that prepare them for gainful employment in these high-demand career fields,” said Superintendent Jared Cordon of Roseburg School District. Currently, Roseburg High School offers nine career and technical education programs, such as welding, manufacturing, healthcare occupations, automotive technology, agriculture and natural resources. Programs such as welding, manufacturing and healthcare occupations align with curriculum or offer dual credits with the job-skill programs at UCC. The goal will be to further align and build these pathways to expand opportunities for students. “Young people need some post-secondary education and training in order to secure a job that pays a decent wage, but not all high school and community college students have the desire or resources to attend a four-year university,” said UCC President Rachel Pokrandt. “Our local employers need workers and our community loves retaining its talented youth. We believe this partnership will serve both of those goals.” The district and college hope to have the position filled by the beginning of the 2023-24 school year. Via Roseburg Public Schools

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