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Downtown Roseburg Rite Aid Set to Close

12:49 AM ยท Jun 6, 2023

Downtown Roseburg's Rite Aid is closing down on June 6th, 2023, leaving the downtown area without a pharmacy. This follows a trend of closures across the country, as certain retailers, including Rite Aid, are facing significant financial difficulties. Last year, Rite Aid closed 145 stores nationwide due to low profits. Then in December 2022, the company warned about potential closures of more underperforming locations. This forecast has proven true for the Roseburg community. Earlier this year, on April 20th, Rite Aid reported a large quarterly loss of over $241 million, underlining the scale of its financial troubles. The Southeast Stephens Street property, which the Roseburg Rite Aid is currently leasing, is now up for sale, listed at $5,945,000. On its final day, June 6th, the Rite Aid store will open from 8am to 9pm, allowing locals to visit for the last time. Many remaining items are marked down by 50% or more. The closure is a clear sign of the challenges faced by some retailers. The high costs of running stores, changes in what customers want, and the rise of online shopping have made it harder for these businesses to stay open. As the Roseburg Rite Aid closure shows, the loss of such stores can have a big impact on local communities.