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Innovative Arboreal Art Exhibit Coming to Fir Grove Park

11:24 PM ยท Jun 13, 2023

For the first time ever, Roseburg Parks and Recreation, in collaboration with the Umpqua Valley Arts Association, is presenting an outdoor fiber art exhibition, "Tapes-Trees in the Park," showcasing the talent of local artists in the heart of Fir Grove Park. This unique open-air gallery, nestled amidst the trees, will be officially unveiled at a grand opening ceremony on Thursday, June 22. The event, slated to begin at noon, will be held in the parking lot adjacent to the Stewart Park Drive Bridge, also known as the "Green Bridge." The exhibition will also be featured prominently in the Umpqua Valley Arts Association's 54th Annual Summer Arts Festival, running from Friday, June 23, to Sunday, June 25. Weather permitting, the plan is to keep the arboreal art exhibit in place throughout the summer, providing a dynamic and colorful backdrop for park visitors. The Roseburg Parks and Recreation Coordinator, Tracy Moser, expressed her enthusiasm for this unique endeavor, stating, "We're really excited to get the reaction from the community about an outdoor art gallery like this." The project has already elicited positive responses from the participating artists, whose excitement has further boosted anticipation for the event. During the past winter and spring, knitters, crocheters, and weavers have worked tirelessly to produce artwork for this vibrant showcase. Moser received 36 registrations from individual artists and groups, who created fiber art pieces to adorn 42 deciduous and evergreen trees in Fir Grove Park. The exhibition's selection includes a diverse variety of trees, such as maples, cedars, Oregon white oaks, and ash trees. These trees, located along an accessible paved path on the north side of Fir Grove Park near the South Umpqua River, will be artistically adorned with fiber works. Moser and her team will carefully attach the artworks to the tree trunks, with the aim of the art pieces remaining in place for three months, conditions permitting. For those interested in experiencing this innovative arboreal art exhibit, or for more information, contact Tracy Moser at 541-492-6899 or email