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A few thoughts on housing

6:03 PM · May 6, 2024

I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on building more housing in Roseburg. Many of the biggest problems facing our community right now have a shared underlying connection to our local housing shortage. For example: Housing needs to be affordable: we need more housing More healthcare professionals: we need more housing More trade workers, plumbers and electricians: we need more housing Enable young people to stay in Roseburg: we need more housing Need an adequate workforce for local companies: we need more housing Need more childcare options: we need more housing If we continue to hinder the production of housing in Roseburg, it only serves to make housing a luxury for the wealthy and our community will suffer great consequences. It’s a choice that will directly drive young people and young families out of our community. Birthrates are already plummeting. Add in historic levels of unaffordable housing and we will be closing schools in Roseburg within 15 years if we don’t change course. It’s just math. Vibrant communities are much like vibrant forests. If the ground is inhospitable to new life, or the next generation, it withers and dies. We must choose to support the next generation and do everything in our power to enable young families to thrive here.


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