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All Level 3 Evacuation Notices Downgraded on the Tyee Ridge Complex

8:32 PM · Sep 1, 2023

Some evacuation notices, including all Level 3 - GO! notices have been downgraded for the Tyee Ridge Complex Fire, effective 12:00 PM on Friday, September 1, 2023. The following is a summary of the current evacuation notices which remain in place. Current evacuation maps can be found at LEVEL 3 "GO!": No Level 3 notices exist for the Tyee Ridge Complex at this time. LEVEL 2 "BE SET": 11000-block of Hubbard Creek Road to the 4900-block of Hubbard Creek Road, including all addresses between these two points. All residences on Millwood Drive All residences on Briarwood Road All residences on Lighthouse Road Level 1 “BE READY”: 4800-block of Hubbard Creek Road to the intersection of Melqua Road. This includes all homes between these two points. All homes on Tyee Road starting at Fanchin Lane to the 6700-block (Intersection of BLM Road 25-7-15.0 or also referred to as Rock Creek Road). This includes all residences in between these points, and all of Fanchin Lane. 8000-block of Tyee Road to the 9300-block of Tyee Road. This includes all residences in between these points. All residences on De Costa Lane and all residences on Hidden Meadows Lane to the intersection with Cole Road. All residents who have been placed on any level of evacuation notice should continue to monitor official sources for updated information. Any changes to these evacuation notices or danger levels will be communicated through official channels. HUBBARD CREEK ROAD AT BRIARWOOD ROAD TO REMAIN CLOSED Hubbard Creek Road remains closed at Briarwood Road. Residents who can show proof of residency beyond the closure will be permitted through area, but could expect delays. SAFETY INFORMATION FOR RETURNING RESIDENTS: Residents returning to a Level 2 "BE SET" area, should be aware that danger still exists in the area and should remain ready to leave at a moment's notice. Individuals returning to areas impacted by the fire should be aware there are inherent risks associated with returning. Hazards have not been mitigated from private properties and homeowners assume all risks by returning to their properties. If at any time a resident feels unsafe or in the event of increased fire behavior, significant wind or rain, they should not wait to be told to leave and should do so on their own. The following safety tips are provided to those returning to areas which have been impacted by the fire: LOOK UP: TRAFFIC: Firefighters are NOT used to having the Hubbard Creek Road beyond Briarwood Road open to public use. PLEASE drive slowly for their safety and yours. Firefighting equipment, large equipment and personnel should be expected in the roadway. Patrol deputies will be enforcing reduced speed limits in the area. Reduced visibility due to smoke and dust should be expected. BURNED TREES: Trees that have been burned are now very weak. Do not park or stand under burned trees. GREEN TREES: Even green healthy-looking trees can have their roots burned which can make them fall. LOOK DOWN: SEPTIC TANKS / CULVERTS: The fire can burn underground septic tanks and culverts, but they can look “normal” above ground. Be careful when walking as the ground over these can be weakened and you could fall through. DO NOT PARK OVER SEPTIC SYSTEMS. DOWNED WIRES: Power lines should be de-energized. Still be careful as they can get tangled in vehicles. SMOKING / SMOLDERING MATERIAL: Logs, stumps, and other burned material in the fire may still be soldering or burning. Watch for ash pits or holes created by burned trees and debris. These can be filled with hot ash that can be dangerous to persons or animals. LOOK AROUND: FIRES: Fires may flare up without warning. Should you see flame or heavy smoke, do not assume that fire authorities are aware it. Residents will likely observe hot spots or smoke when returning. WIND: If the wind increases this can bring trees and branches down. Wind can also increase the movement of the fire. If it gets windy, you should leave the area. RAIN: Heavy rainfall can cause rocks, logs, dirt and other debris to slide down hillsides. WILD ANIMALS: Animals may be showing unusual behavior. They have been displaced, too, and could be looking for food or water. PERSONAL SAFETY: Your house and yard may be covered in ash. There may still be live embers present. Wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or a jacket, and boots. Wearing a dust mask will be especially important. Smoke levels can be at hazardous levels, specifically near the fires edge. The fire management team will be posting daily smoke reports to their Tyee Complex Facebook page. RED CROSS SHELTER: The American Red Cross Shelter located at The Way Church of Sutherlin will be closing Saturday, September 2, 2023, at 12:00 pm. Anyone impacted by the fire who has unmet needs may contact Emergency Manager Emily Ring through the Douglas County Dispatch Center at (541) 440-4471. ANIMAL SHELTERING: Animal sheltering remains available to impacted residents. Please coordinate with Douglas County Animal Control by calling (541) 440-4471. Large animals, including livestock, may be sheltered at the Sutherlin Rodeo Grounds or the Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex. Animal Control Deputies will coordinate with residents prior to animal sheltering. Here is the latest evacuation map: Via DCSO

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