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As Outside Temperatures Rise This Week, Rivers Remain Cold

11:23 PM · Jun 4, 2024

Be very careful around the rivers for the next few weeks. Air temperatures are going to get up into the mid 80's this week into next but the North Umpqua River is still in the high 50s. That is very cold and people need to be very cautious around the water right now. The warm weather should bring water temp in the North Umpqua River up to close to 70 degrees within another week or so. For perspective, in 2019 the North Umpqua River was almost 74 degrees by June 12th or so! Tips from the National Weather Service: Body heat can be lost 4 times faster in cold water than in cold air. Wearing a life jacket significantly increases chances of survival. Cold shock can be just as severe and dangerous from water temperatures of 50-60F (10-15C) as it is from water at 35F (2C). Gasping for a breath or rapid breathing from sudden immersion can be triggered by water as warm as 77F (25C). You can see the current water temperature in the live video on the livestream. The water temp is in the lower lefthand corner of the video here:


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