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Balancing Wildfire Smoke Prevention & Indoor Fresh Air

9:45 PM · Aug 29, 2023

I just want to remind everyone to balance keeping wildfire smoke out of your home with the need for fresh air inside your home, even if the fresh air has some contaminants in it. Completely shutting your home up for days on end can lead to the home having high CO2 levels. A CO2 level below 1,000 ppm is considered safe and typical for an indoor environment. Between 1,000 and 2,000 ppm, complaints of drowsiness and poor air quality may occur. Above 2,000 ppm, levels can become a health concern, causing headaches, drowsiness, and poor concentration. More severe health effects can occur at levels substantially higher than this. Having high CO2 levels inside which can cause: Headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, increased heart rate, difficulty concentrating, sleep disruption, stuffy or stale air. Reduced cognitive performance, impaired decision-making abilities. We've kept everything shut up for days and our new CO2 monitor just showed up just now and our CO2 levels in our living room were almost 2500! Not good. After opening the front and back door and some windows, 15 minutes later we have it down to 498. Advice: When AQI levels are lower like they are now or earlier this morning, it's a great time to flush out the air in your house. Open your doors and windows for 5-10 minutes, then shut them back up. Having air purifiers, especially HEPA ones, can really help clean up the air inside once you flush it. When AQI levels are over 300, it's probably best to keep the doors and windows shut as that is pretty hazardous air. So definitely take advantage of better air when we get it. We will likely have a balancing act for at least another week or two. Hope that's helpful! Link to the Aranet4 device:


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