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Monday Morning August 28 Tyee Ridge Complex Update, Fire Grows to 2,444 Acres

3:10 PM · Aug 28, 2023

Here is the latest IR overflight map of the area's fires for Monday morning August 28.. Cougar Creek #1: 2,444 acres (+548 interpreted acres) Intense heat is pushing the fire front on all sides of the heat perimeter. Scattered heat persists throughout the interior of the fire. The fire has crossed Hubbard Creek and continues to drive upslope north of Buffalo Creek towards Green Butte. Lighthouse #1: 7 acres / Lighthouse #2: 9 acres / Lighthouse #3: <1 acre / Lighthouse #4: 291 acres Two additional spots not yet named were detected and mapped. Both are less than 1 acre. The intense heat of the fire front along the south side of Lighthouse #4 is moving it towards the other three Lighthouse fires. Tyee Mountain: 13 acres Intense heat is present throughout the entire fire.


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