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(Op-ed) It's time to address the small pavilion at Stewart Park

1:28 AM · Jun 25, 2019

I believe it's time we alter the small pavilion in front of the half shell at Stewart Park. The design is great in a perfect world where people won't misuse the space, but unfortunately it's constantly being misused throughout the year. The backside of the pavilion is hidden from cars and people that are traveling through Stewart Park. It's also a bit dark and because of that it attracts all sorts of activities that it was not intended to attract. Today a transient beat another transient with a broomstick and sent him to the hospital with a possible broken arm. All underneath that little pavilion and just feet from little children playing on the playground. It's been mostly a curse to the community for all but a few hours each month during the summer when it's used for snacks during movies/half shell events etc. Occasionally its reserved for a birthday party as well. But more often than not its drug activity, drinking, a bicycle chop shop as well as it being used for overnight camping on a regular basis. All right next to the children's playground. It's obvious by now that unless something changes it will continue to be misused and we do not have the resources to babysit it 24 hrs a day. This is a design flaw and it's time for it to be addressed.

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