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Osprey Dies After Swallowing Fish Hook in Douglas County

7:11 PM · Aug 30, 2019

This past month, an Osprey was brought in to Umpqua Wildlife Rescuers because it appeared sick. It was immediately given all sorts of fluids and medicine to help heal it. The next morning it was dead. Following its death, an x-ray was performed on the Osprey and it revealed a large fish hook in its stomach. It likely ate a fish that had a fish hook in it and ended up swallowing the hook. Obviously there is no way to prevent this from every happening again, but I just wanted to raise awareness among local fisherman. If a fish you catch swallows the hook and ends up dying, it would be awesome if you could retrieve the fish hook out of the fish, or wrap the fish up and throw it away. Anything we can do to help prevent these large birds from needlessly dying would be awesome. I'm sure this happens all the time, and we only see the rare few that are found by the public before they die. Thanks everyone!

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