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Parvovirus, a Highly Contagious Dog Virus Confirmed in Douglas County

4:39 AM · Sep 5, 2019

Parvovirus, a highly contagious virus that affects puppies and young dogs, has been confirmed in Douglas County. Without treatment, the highly contagious virus can lead to the dogs death. It spreads very easily through either direct contact with an infected dog, or through feces. A host dog can begin shedding the virus 4-5 days after exposure, even before showing any signs of an infection. The dog is contagious the entire time it's sick and for up to 10 days after it's recovered. "Every dog owner and breeder should know the symptoms of parvo in dogs. The most common symptoms are: Severe, bloody diarrhea Lethargy Anorexia Fever Vomiting Weight loss Weakness Depression Dehydration" How to prevent Parvovirus: There is a vaccination schedule that is recommended for puppies up until they are 18 weeks old, and then a booster at a year old. So, be careful taking young dogs/puppies out into the community, especially if they have not received their shots If you suspect that your dog has parvo, consult a veterinarian immediately for advice and treatment.

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