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Reverie Record Shop Opens in Downtown Roseburg

4:25 AM · Nov 15, 2023

Roseburg, OR – Downtown Roseburg welcomes a unique addition to its community: Reverie Record Shop, a vinyl only record shop and listening lounge that serves coffee, tea, craft beer and Sake. Reverie is the work of Michelle and Albert Barragan, a local couple deeply rooted in the community. The shop celebrated its soft opening on October 29th, marking a significant addition to the city's cultural landscape. A Personal Journey to Reverie Michelle and Albert Barragan have infused their love for music into every corner of Reverie. As Michelle shares, "We will celebrate 25 years of marriage soon, and music was part of the foundation that we built and grew our relationship on. We would crank out everything from oldies, punk, rock, alternative, rap, blues and all of the in-betweens. These songs mark so many moments in our lives and have been defined and redefined as time has ticked on by. We have raised 4 kids, and are the proud ‘Mimi and Papa’ to 3 and a half grands. Music is always present, during celebration and mourning, sunshine or rain, high times and low. These notes and lyrics take us back, especially when the needle hits the vinyl and those rich sounds come traveling through.” What Reverie Offers Reverie Record Shop is a vinyl-only store, offering an extensive selection of new and used records in various genres. True to its Oregon roots, the shop features a carefully curated selection of craft beer from the Pacific Northwest, alongside coffee and tea from small Oregon-based companies. Sake enthusiasts and sweet-toothed patrons can also look forward to a range of beverages and desserts. Beverage Selection - Coffee: Organic coffee, including Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, and Cafe Latte. Decaf is also available upon request for those who prefer it. - Tea: Supplied by Metolius Co. from Bend, OR, with options like Earl Gray, Jasmine Green, Cinnamon Hibiscus and Chai. - Craft Beer & Cider: Initial offerings include Chuckanut’s Genuine Bohemian Style Pilsner, Cellarmaker Captain Terp Hazy DIPA, Grains of Wrath Splatter Haus, Fracture Uno Mas Mexican Lager, Yonder Palisades – Blackberry & Sage Cider. - Sake: Coming soon! - Other beverage options include fancy bottled and canned drinks such as Liquid Death in Sparkling Lime, Melon, or Mango flavors. The soda selection features Fentimans Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola, Mexican Coke, and Virgil’s in Vanilla Cream or Black Cherry varieties. Designed for Comfort and Reverie The lounge is designed for comfort and relaxation. "Reverie can be defined as a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts: a daydream. It is easy to experience reverie when listening to music," Michelle explains. “In the business of life, it is good for the soul to just be for a moment. Our desire is to create a space where people are able to experience the sound of vinyl and maybe even fall into a reverie. We love helping customers discover and rediscover their favorite albums, shop for their loved ones and invest into a media that has shown great growth over the decades.” Capacity and Operating Hours Reverie can comfortably seat 34 guests and is open Wednesday to Sunday with the following hours. Monday and Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – 11AM-7PM Thursday – 11AM-10PM Friday – 11AM-10:30PM Saturday – 11AM-10:30PM Sunday- 11AM-4PM Located in Downtown Roseburg Located at 642 SE Jackson St, Roseburg, OR, Reverie is more than just a record shop; it's a testament to the Barragans' vision for a revived and vibrant downtown. Michelle Barragan expresses, "We feel extremely blessed to have found a perfect little brick and mortar to house Reverie. We love that our building owner lives in the area and runs a business in downtown. The downtown community takes immense pride in offering awesome goods and services to the community and in reviving downtown. It is so exciting to see the community and surrounding areas turn out for all of the events hosted in downtown, and we love being a part of all of it! There’s a very cool vibe that lives in downtown and we hope people look forward to coming out and enjoying it!” For more information about Reverie Record Shop, visit their website at, or call (541) 671-5413.

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