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Roseburg Stewart Park Natural Area Cleanup Started Off With A Bang

3:16 AM · Sep 29, 2019

It literally started off with a bang as lightning and thunder could be heard nearby as our group of volunteers gathered to get started. It rained for a few minutes just before we started, but the weather was perfect for the next three hours as we all worked. 15 volunteers from all across Douglas County came together again, this time to help cleanup and improve the Stewart Park Natural Area. We started off by gathering all the garbage in the area, bagging it up and hauling it off to park dumpsters. We then used chain saws, pruners and loppers to cut up downed limbs, overgrown areas, and branches to improve visibility throughout the area. The goal is to make the area easier to maintain for park staff as well as improve visibility all the way through the park to create a safer, more inviting atmosphere for the community to enjoy the beautiful area. We got a lot accomplished today! When we finished, we had piping hot pizzas donated by Costco and Kyle Kipperman from Level Up Frozen Yogurt handed out frozen yogurt certificates to all the helpers. Thank you to Home Depot for your generous donation of cleanup supplies. Thank you also to Tracy Pope from the City Parks Department for all your help with the logistics, and forms and tools etc. Thanks to Brendon Demuth, Parks Superintendent for all your help as well. Big Shoutout to Nate Frosland for all your help organizing this. You guys don’t know this, but Nate and I had to get special insurance coverage so we could operate our chainsaws in the parks. Nate jumped on it and got both he and I covered so we could run the saws today for 3 hours each which helped immensely! Also, Memorie Frosland for all the awesome photos and grabbing our food, your super appreciated! We had a blast again. It’s been awesome getting to know and getting to hang out with this group of helpers that really care about this community. Some of them don’t even live in Roseburg but love what we are doing and want to be a part of it. It was also awesome having several local youth join us today. We will be doing several more of these park improvement days in the months to come and would love to have you join us next time!

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