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Thursday morning Tyee Ridge Complex Update: Cougar Creek Fire Grows to 5,305 Acres

11:54 AM · Aug 31, 2023

Thursday morning Tyee Ridge Complex Update - Fire boundary map is now updated. Cougar Creek Fire - 5,305 acres (+1337) Lighthouse #3 - 1,021 (+364) Lighthouse #1 - 7 acres "The Tyee Ridge Complex grew approximately 1,900 acres through the night. Over the last 24 hours, firefighters continued to be engaged with active fire behavior. Overnight, crews made progress with strengthening lines, responding to spot fires, and mitigating hazards. Personnel in the Hardscrabble, Blue Hole, Yellow Point, and Big Tom Fires continued to secure fire perimeters and perform mop up. As the Cougar Creek fire approached Cougar Creek, pushing to the south, crews worked to prevent the fire from reaching Cougar Creek Road. On the eastern perimeter of the Lighthouse Fire, firing operations occurred and line was established to the south. Coordination between Oregon Department of Forestry wildland resources and Oregon State Fire Marshal structural task forces continued to protect homes on Hubbard Creek Road and prepared structures, creating defensible space, in the Briarwood Road area. Today, cooler temperatures are expected and there is potential for rain during day operations. This change in weather will provide firefighters an opportunity to take a direct approach on spot fire, secure the fire perimeter to minimize the footprint, and establish new lines. Fuels remain dry under heavy tree canopy where some isolated torching may occur. Seventeen aircraft remain available to support ground resources including Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATs) and helicopters. Today’s crews will work aggressively to take advantage of the favorable conditions. Firefighters to the north of the complex will continue to mop up and hold the line, entering patrol status in certain locations. Structure protection continues to be a priority on Hubbard Creek Road and point protection operations are taking place in the Briarwood Road area." More updates to come later this morning.


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