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Tracker Goal - Reducing the Firehose of Information

10:32 PM · Oct 12, 2019

Right now we have an information overload problem. Part of the issue stems from the current batch of social platforms having perverse incentives to push out to you an endless stream of information in no particular order. The longer they can get you to scroll through the posts the more advertising money they make. The problem with this model is time is our most valuable possession and this model does not value peoples time. So we are building dedicated sections into the Tracker platform, which will provide a place to put posts that otherwise might not make it into the main feed. For example, maybe someone is super interested in events. We will have an events section for people to visit if they would like to see everything that is going on today. But we can't put every event going on in the community into the main stream of information going out to everyone. Maybe highlight a few big events, but the rest would go to the events section. Also, we think people should have more control over the information that they get. Maybe some people aren't interested in keeping up with all the crime going on in the community. We are going to allow people to uncheck sections that they are not interested in following. Or maybe political stories cause you to break out in hives. Uncheck the section. Anyway, we value you and your time and look forward to launching the sections soon!

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