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Hygiene Tips to Start Practicing Now

6:20 AM · Feb 29, 2020

Practical things everyone can do to reduce the risk of getting infected by the Coronavirus. Best to start practicing now. The more we can slow its progress the better. 1. Stop touching your face and no chewing nails. (or picking nose) 2. Wash your hands frequently. Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or rub hands with alcohol (60% or higher) hand gel. Scrub under your nails as well. Definitely wash hands before eating or touching food. Make sure you dry your hands well. 3. No more handshaking, especially after local transmission starts. Keep a bit of extra distance from people in general. 4. Masks can be helpful on someone sick. For those that are well, not so much. Don’t worry about masks. 5. Don’t share bath towels with other family members. Wash towels twice a week. Damp towels are often homes for viruses. 6. Be careful with what you touch, especially out in public. Wash hands after touching objects out in public like doorknobs etc. Gloves can be helpful. 7. Don’t share cups or utensils. 8. Stay calm and be helpful. Citations: Alistair Miles Malaria Researcher University of Oxford FP

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