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Douglas County Birds: White-Breasted Nuthatch

1:42 AM · Mar 10, 2021

The White-Breasted Nuthatch is native to Oregon and is common all across the United States and some parts of canada. They can often be seen around Douglas County flying from a bird feeder to an Oak Tree to stash the seeds. They live in areas with lots of large Oak trees and conifers. White-Breasted Nuthatches like to nest in old Woodpecker cavities in Oak and conifer trees. White-Breasted Nuthatches eat mostly insects and seeds. Good places to look for these birds are in forests of Oak and Conifer, and at Fords pond in sutherlin about 15 Minutes away from Roseburg. One of my favorite things about this bird is how they can hang vertical underneath branches and other large tree limbs. Photo taken 6-6-2020 in Douglas County Photo By Abraham Finlay

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