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Umpqua Wildlife Rescue Helping Rehab Baby Barn Owl

5:07 PM · Apr 7, 2021

Rehabbers at Umpqua Wildlife Rescue took in a baby barn owl after it fell three stories out of its nest and onto a concrete pad. The owl will likely be rehabbed for a month or two prior to being released back into the wild to give it the best chance of survival. Here is the full message UWR recently shared about the owl: "This little baby barn owl fell three stories straight down, out of a poorly located nest, and landed on concrete. Miraculously, she escaped serious injury, and some kind people brought her in and called us. She will be with us one week as of tomorrow and as you can see in the pictures, she is growing into that big beak of hers very rapidly. She eats between 6 and 8 mice every day and loves to cuddle with her friends. The big bear is her bestie. Please, spread the word about these amazing rodent hunters and if you can, put up a barn owl box. Nature’s free rodent control service. And please, never use poison." If you would like to support Umpqua Wildlife Rescue, you can do so from their website: To report injured wildlife at any time, call the hotline at 541-440-6895

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