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Very Rare Snowy Egret Spotted at Fords Pond in Sutherlin

12:05 AM · Sep 18, 2021

While I was at Fords Pond in Sutherlin yesterday, I spotted this very rare Snowy Egret hunting in the shallow water of the pond. The Snowy Egret eats mostly small fish along with a variety of other small aquatic insects. Snowy Egrets are not very common in Oregon especially in the Umpqua Vally area but if you know where to look you might catch a glimpse of one of these beautiful birds. A good place to look is Malheur Wildlife Refuge in late spring and summer. Snowy Egrets generally nest in trees. They build their nests out of small sticks, twigs, grasses, and other soft materials like leaves and moss to line the inside of the nest. Photo by Abraham Finlay Photo taken at Ford's Pond in Sutherlin

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