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Mobile Testing, Vaccine Site Open Through Friday

6:49 PM · Oct 20, 2021

The mobile clinic from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Oregon Health Authority will continue providing free PCR Covid-19 tests, all three Covid-19 vaccines and approved boosters for those who are eligible, and flu shots through Friday. The clinic is open from 11-6 every day at the parking lot next to the Roseburg Public Library at 1530 NE Diamond Lake Blvd. The clinic is available through a partnership with Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglas Public Health Network, Aviva Health, City of Reedsport, Lower Umpqua Hospital District, Oregon Health Authority, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. The clinic is operated on a first-come, first-serve basis with no pre-registration with a Spanish translator on-site. Timothy Hall is the OHA Field Operations Lead for the team, taking them from Pendleton to Jackson County to Douglas. He's also a virologist and a proud conservative. He said Douglas County has been polite and accepting. "Everybody that's working here is trying to be part of the solution," Hall said. " We understand there are different political and personal beliefs. We respect that. We're not trying to force anybody into anything that they don't want. We're not here to argue with anybody. We are here for the people that want it. We're also here to answer questions. I'm not a state shill. I am an actual scientist and I happen to also be a conservative. I believe in vaccines and I know and I have seen through practice what they can do. When you look at medicine, it's always a practice, it's always evolving. However, vaccines are the only thing in medicine outside of clean, healthy living that are 100% preventative. Everything else that we give is all reactive to a symptom." The team is made up of people from all over the country, from Virginia to Texas to Washington to Oregon. There is a pharmacist working in the bus making sure the correct vaccines are distributed correctly and a doctor on duty for questions about health conditions before vaccines. On Tuesday, Hall said they had tested about 150 people, given about 260 Covid-19 vaccines, and over 100 flu shots in Douglas County since they started operations on Oct. 10. The team will go to Lincoln County next and is scheduled to end in Keizer, Oregon. For more information about the traveling clinics, call the Douglas County COVID-19 Hotline at (541) 464-6550.


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