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Douglas County Senior Dining Sites Reopening Dine-in, Rebranding

12:28 AM · Mar 29, 2022

The rural senior dining sites run by the Douglas County Senior Services Department are reopening in March and April for dine-in. Over the last two years, the sites have been limited to drive-through meal pick-up service due to the pandemic. Along with the reopening, the sites have undergone some upgrades, starting with a new name, Bistro Sixty. The newly upgraded ‘Bistro Sixty’ sites now offer café style seating, new table décor, longer hours and classy dinnerware that replaces the cafeteria style trays, thanks to a donation from the City of Winston. The first two sites reopened last week in Glendale at 176 Glendale Town Rd. and in Glide at 20062 N Umpqua Hwy. Sutherlin, 202 E. Central Ave. - Tuesday, April 5 Riddle, 123 Parkside St. - Tuesday, April 12 Reedsport, 460 Winchester Ave. - Thursday, April 14 Yoncalla, 400 Main St. - Tuesday, April 19 Winston, 440 Grape St. - Thursday, April 21 “Our senior dining site staff and Douglas County Senior Services staff will be setting a nice table for guests to enjoy at each of our re-opened senior lunch service locations. As a Board, it’s vitally important for us to continue to foster ways for older adults to reconnect in the coming months,” remarked Commissioner Tom Kress. The reopening of the Bistro Sixty senior dining sites celebrates 50 years of the Senior Nutrition Program in the United States. According to the Administration for Community Living, since 1972, the national Senior Nutrition Program has supported nutrition services for older adults across the country. Funded in part by the Older Americans Act, local senior nutrition programs serve as hubs for older adults to access nutritious meals and other vital services that strengthen social connections and promote health and well-being. This month they are celebrating the accomplishments of the national and local programs, acknowledging innovative approaches to serving older adults, and educating communities to better understand nutrition services. Once reopened, the Bistro Sixty senior dining sites will serve meals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays starting at 11:45 am. Special coffee hour from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Please note that our senior dining sites plan to continue outside meal pick-up service for the time being, although it will be by request only. The Meals on Wheels delivery program will continue to operate without interruption. For more information about the Bistro Sixty senior dining sites, Meals on Wheels and senior nutrition programs, contact Douglas County Senior Services Department at (541) 440-3677 or