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Wailani Shave Ice Opens Island Grindz Food Truck

10:12 PM · Oct 20, 2022

Wailani Shave Ice is welcoming Wailani Island Grindz to their permanent location in Sutherlin at 325 Park Hill Lane on Friday. The Hawaiian Shave Ice Truck established a permanent location in Sutherlin in May and had plans to open a Hawaiian and Vietnamese Food Truck even back then. “Wailani Island Grindz will be a combination of love from both of our respective cultures, Hawaiian and Vietnamese,” co-owner Lan Ha said in a message. Hawaiian options include authentic Hawaiian plate lunches and combo plates of Kalua pig, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef and Kalbi beef (short ribs). Other Hawaiian options will include Loco Moco plates, Spam Musubi, Hawaiian mac salad and fresh ahi tuna poke bowls. Vietnamese options include traditional Bahn Mi sandwiches and Vermicelli bowls of lemongrass chicken, char siu pork and teriyaki chicken. Other Vietnamese options include crispy and traditional spring rolls. Wailani Island Grindz will additionally include featured special dishes from both Hawaii and Vietnam. Food will be made and served out of the food truck, but customers will be able to order and eat inside the building. Customers can continue to enjoy a shave ice dessert inside. "While we gather feedback and look at adjustments to our menu during our soft opening month, we will be closed for the month of December,” Ha said. “Both families will be returning to Hawaii and Vietnam to visit relatives and improve on our cultural dishes.” *** Photos from Ryan Finlay and Lan Ha *** From the original post: Wailani made a splash in Douglas County last year with the Hawaiian Shave Ice food truck that invited lines dozens of people long. Now, they are opening a permanent brick-and-mortar location and another food truck in Sutherlin with the help of new business partners. Lan Ha and Ryan Cram are joined by Tim and Anela Plunkett who were both born and raised in Hawa’i. They moved away from the island of O’ahu in 2016 and have established roots in Douglas County. “The Plunkett family were instrumental in the formation of Wailani and became good friends with both Lan and Ryan through their shared passion for family, community, good food and a love of shave ice,” Lan and Ryan said in a press release.” Wailani Shave Ice is opening a sit-down location 325 Park Hill Lane in Sutherlin, with a planned open date in May. The mobile shave ice trailer will still be moving around serving Douglas County and is open for private events. The location will also house a new food truck called Island Grindz, serving authentic Hawaiian and Vietnamese BBQ dishes from both families. That is scheduled to open near the end of this summer. “You will find that Wailani has now updated the menu to include shave ice creations by popular demand,” Lan and Ryan said in the press release. “The introduction of a (not so) secret menu will be made at our brick-and-mortar location that includes many of our popular shave ice specials. In addition to environmentally friendly palm leaf bowls and utensils, Wailani will continue to use fresh and local ingredients that include Umpqua Dairy ice cream, local farm fruits and house made syrups/coconut whip. So get ready, Douglas County, to enjoy more aloha with our shave ice creations and island grindz.”

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