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Bobablastic Opens in Roseburg

6:13 PM ยท Mar 6, 2023

Bobablastic, a boba franchise from Portland got an addition in Roseburg last month. The bright red trailer on Garden Valley Boulevard started serving boba, teas, smoothies, hot drinks, and some snack options about two weeks ago. Owner Manny Alvarez is putting in the hours to figure out when people are wanting Bobablastic. He is open 11-8 Mondays through Fridays and 11-9 on the weekends. He is looking to hire an employee who can make the hours work so people can get their boba teas. "It's a work in progress," Alvarez said. "As I go, I'm finding out what the community would like to have and I would like to has from the business perspective - operating hours and social media and all that. I've been trying to hire at least one person so they can run the business for me when I'm gone so I can rest. It's been challenging finding the right person." He moved out of Roseburg to join the franchise a year ago in Portland with the intent to open his own food truck back in Roseburg. "It caught my attention," Alvarez said. "I've looked into other businesses like Mexican food and thing like that. I always that other businesses, the cost to run it and get it to hit where it's maintained on its own takes longer than something like this because the food costs is very expensive. Most of the stuff here doesn't go bad very fast."