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"Thank You For 8 Years" From Little Brothers Pub

12:08 AM · Mar 11, 2023

Gary and Eva Chasteen are passing the torch that is Little Brothers Pub on Main Street in downtown Roseburg. The business has been selling lunch and dinner at the same spot under the same name for 46 years and will operate under a new owner starting on Monday. The last day of business for the Chasteens is today, Friday, March 10 and they are open until 6 p.m. Eva Chasteen said she anticipated the tears would flow as her regular customers came in for one last hello and goodbye. "Just, thank you to all of our customers," Chasteen said. "We know the new owners will carry on the history and the name. We just want to thank everybody. We couldn't have done it without them, especially in the hard times.” In a farewell post, the Chasteens said they would help the new owner transition in, take care of their new baby granddaughter, work part-time, and Eva will go through shoulder surgery. The Chasteens bought the business on March 1, eight years ago. Little Brothers Pub is at 428 SE Main St in Roseburg.

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