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Common Yellowthroat

7:57 PM ยท Apr 28, 2023

I found this Common Yellowthroat singing in a tree a few days ago! The Common Yellowthroat is a small songbird that is native to North and Central America. The male Common Yellowthroat is easily identifiable by its striking black mask that covers its face and bright yellow throat and breast, while the female has a more muted coloring with a yellowish-green throat and breast. They are primarily found in wetland habitats, such as marshes and swamps, but can also be found in other habitats with dense vegetation, such as forest edges and shrublands. They are known for their distinctive "witchity-witchity-witch" song and their acrobatic flying skills as they flit between dense vegetation. The Common Yellowthroat feeds on insects and spiders and is considered an important species for controlling pest populations.