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Douglas County Birds: Purple Finch

7:55 PM · May 7, 2021

The Purple Finch is another awesome bird that can often be seen at seed feeders all around Douglas County. Purple Finches live in areas with lots of trees, shrubs, and also in backyards. Purple Finches nest in oak, maple, cherry, and occasionally small shrubs and vines. They build their nests out of twigs, grass, animal hair, and other soft materials. Purple Finches eat mainly seeds and also a wide variety of berries. If you want to attract these beautiful birds to your yard, try getting some black oil sunflower seeds, a bird feeder, a bird bath and putting them near some large bushes and trees. One of my favorite things about the Purple Finch is the bright pinkish red color on the males head. Photo taken in Douglas County Photo by Abraham Finlay

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